The Startup Business Course

A Guide to build Startup Business

Every successful business has clearly set and articulated goals to attain specific objective

This business startup program inspires and triggers the potential of both individuals or groups to realize, print, develop business startups (new or existing) that are the solutions to existing problems in society by utilizing digital technology.

Given in 6 (six) training session modules with 12 (twelve) online meeting sessions or classes with intensive mentoring.

The step of the program will be given

1. Startup Introduction

In this activity, you will gain insight into how to build a startup and how to overcome various problems that arise in the startup world.

2. Build a solid team work

In this activity, you will be given insights about how to become a part-time founder, find the right co-founder, a strategy to recruit an excellent team and build a good team.

3. Workshop

The workshop is a stage that focuses on validating a startup problem using the sprint design method.

4. Heck Sprint

This activity connects the workshop activities using the sprint design method, which focuses on validating the solutions you will make.

5. Boothcamp

This activity takes the form of 1-on-1 mentoring with mentors from the fields of product, business, marketing and pitching. Here you will consult about startups that you have created to get enlightenment from a different side.

6. Incubation

This activity focuses on increasing 1 key metric from your startup in the incubation phase by providing a dedicated mentor for your startup team