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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software solution for managing and integrating various operational activities in a business. In the past many large companies used this software, but now the enterprise and SME level have also used it.

The all-in-one ERP solution package used by the company is to manage daily business activities, such as financial management, procurement, production, projects, human resources, and others. This system can facilitate businesses with real-time and accurate information, so they can make business decisions well based on data that has been collected and presented.

Every company or organization naturally manages employees, buys products or services, sells or distributes things, and records finances. ERP Solution makes it possible to integrate and manage all of these basic functions.

Why are so many companies looking for ERP solutions? What does the company need? Companies will not consider implementing an ERP system if this system does not have an advantage for their business.

Benefits of implementing ERP software:
When should You decide to Use ERP?

One ERP solution that can fulfill all-in-one ERP solutions is Odoo ERP software system. Why you should choose Odoo ERP and what is Odoo, you can read the description below.

It is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). All-in-one system that covers the full range of your business needs. Modules and features of Odoo: CMS-web design, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales Management, Help Desk, Purchase Management, Inventory, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Point of Sale (PoS) etc., where the modules are integrated with each other.

Can be used in the manufacturing industry, health industry, restaurants, catering, e-commerce, retail, distributors, hospitals, clinics, car rental or fleet management, education, etc., both small, medium and large scale.

  1. Odoo doesn’t need to use a lot of software because the odoo software package can cover almost all of your business needs which consists of modules and addons that are integrated with each other.
  2. Can be customized according to your company’s needs.
  3. Odoo has 30 application modules that are developed periodically and are very time-changing and adapt to business needs, web-based that can be accessed from anywhere
  4. Has complete features and lots of community support.

You can choose from two Odoo editions: Community and Enterprise. 

The Community Edition is free, open source, and primarily supported by the Odoo community. Odoo Enterprise requires a license based on the number of users and applications. Odoo Enterprise is Odoo Community core + Additional functional apps. The Enterprise Edition is not open-sourced and the code is provided only by official Odoo partners and Odoo itself.

Another interesting fact is that the Enterprise Edition contains full responsiveness! It will fully adapt itself to mobile, tablet and notebook. But this is not a key feature because you can use an installable module to provide responsiveness in community editions.

Do you want to know what the basic differences between editions? Please, call us!!, we can help you.

We provide training services for those who want to understand and learn more about Odoo and its functions, as well as consulting and implementation services for Cloud Odoo for Small, Medium and Large Businesses.